Saturday, March 25, 2006

When 2 Lines Mean Life...

I woke up especially early today, around 5 a.m., for a very special task...It wasn't supposed to be a big deal really because hubby and I have been through this process several times in the recent past. The big difference this time was the result.

It was an answered prayer, a wonderful blessing. I woke hubby up with an MMS of the picture in this entry...I told him he'll be a daddy for the 2nd time (Jarred and I are still in Manila vacationing while he is already back home in GSC). When he called after seeing the MMS, his words were muffled by tears...happy tears.

For the time since our son Jarred turned two, we've been trying to conceive again. Somehow, the timing has never been perfect...until now...

It's such a pleasant and unexpected surprise because we can say that this one wasn't "planned" (unlike our previous attempts). It came at a time we least expected it and when we didn't really give it much thought.

You can say it was in God's perfect time...He really made all this possible. And how He paved the way for this new miracle is just so amazing! There are no words to describe the joy we are feeling right now.

We just pray that He will make things easy for all of us with the arrival of our new family member.

And all our plans for the future, we just lift up to Him...for He has proven that He is really the only one in control of our God be the glory!