Wednesday, January 11, 2006

20 Things I'm Thankful for in 2005

1. Renewed relationship with God
2. Better and stronger bond with my hubby, Jerome
3. My son's antics and amazing vocabulary (he's one smart kid)
4. Long distance love and support from my parents
5. Wisdom and reassuring words of my sister Tintin and her hubby, Ray
6. Loving concern of my brother Paulo and the overwhelming support of his gf, Chynna
7. "Text presence" of my mentor/friends - Ma'am Lei, Aries, Nancy and Jessica
8. Wise words of my kumare, Margie
9. Support of friends in SOCSKSARGEN thoughout the year
10. New found friends (from my son's summer school, fish port, CFC)
11. Having a hardworking and trustworthy househelp, Lyn Lyn
12. Good health
13. The beginnings of financial freedom
14. The good turn out of my fish trading business
15. The spiritual, mental and emotional blessings that we received
16. The material stuff which was part of our holiday wish list
17. Discovering the world of blogs and being the silent fan of many blogs on home and family life
18. Getting a home phone line (logging on to the net is more convenient now)
19. Two Uncles - Tito Tony and Tito Jessie, reuniting with our Creator (although very sad with their passing, thankful that they are now in the loving hands of God)
20. For an overall better life, despite the odds


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John Salmon said...

Wow-you had a heck of a year. Congrats.