Monday, October 02, 2006

Mokster's Mom's Mom is Back!!!

After almost 2 years of being in Vancouver, my mom is finally back home. Her flight arrived at 4 a.m. this morning. Her homecoming is so timely as I will be giving birth very soon. Am so very happy that she'll be around when Caitlin Alyssa makes her entrance into the world. Mommy was also with us when I had Jarred in 2002.

I really missed Mom so much! And I am quite sure Daddy and Paulo missed her too. We all just have to make the most of her stay here (which will be too short as she has to go back to Vancouver come December) and spend wonderful quality time with her.

She's in Manila right now and I still have to wait for a month before she arrives here in Gen San. The waiting game is almost as thrilling as awaiting my little princess' arrival.

Welcome Home Mokster's Mom's Mom! See you very, very soon!

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