Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day 2008

This is a belated Father's Day post. On this special day, Jarred and Cailie gave their Dad a greeting card that they wrote themselves (Kuya helped his baby sister, of course!). It gave me such joy and pride to see their labor of love. I think hubby was teary-eyed when he saw this.

Early this year, Jarred didn't even know how to hold a pen properly but in a matter of a few months he was able to learn fast and he continues to improve everyday. His Dad and I are so proud of him.
Cailie of course, did her own thing by making "pa-cute" faces at her Dad and showering his face with kisses.

We celebrated the day by having a buffet lunch at Mom's Buffet Dining Place. It was just a bummer that there was a power interruption in that area that time. As you can see, we were sweating all over. But what can I say? The food was Yum-O!

The rest of the day we had a DVD marathon date with IronMan, 21 and Fool's Gold.

Hubby is such a great father. My children are so lucky to have him...I am very fortunate that he is my partner in parenting. We complement each other in so many ways. Words are not enough to thank him for all the love, hardwork and joy he's given to our family.

Happy Father's Day GA!

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Mec said...

belated happy father's day to your husband, who seems to be doing a great job :)