Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tourism in the Philippines

Our nation is abound with vast areas yet to be touched by humanity, teeming with sights and sounds that the average Filipino may not be able to see in his lifetime. A smorgasbord of sorts, from the northernmost tip capped by the Aparri region featuring Pagudpud, Banawe rice terraces and Sagada to cite a few, destinations that not only depict the very roots of our Filipino heritage but also provide inspiration for artists who would endeavor to capture its splendor or perhaps a perfect sabbatical for the soul searching urban rat.

Somewhere in the middle of this tourism-rich archipelago lies a haven for beach lovers. Need I say that Boracay in Panay or Amanpulo in Palawan are just some of the better known resorts. Of course there’s Mactan or Malapascua in Cebu that boast of equally picturesque shorelines.

Heading down south, you will be drooling in awe at the mystic of Mindanao. Feast your eyes with the colors of Vintas in Zamboanga, or the grace of the Muslim dancer in Marawi or the War dance of the T’boli in South Cotabato. If you are however the typical adventure lover, the City of Golden Friendship that is Cagayan de Oro City can test your mettle with its famous rapids. Moving further east, brace yourself for more water adventures like world class surfing in Siargao Island, dubbed the Surfing Capital of the Philippines.

These are however just some of the known tourist destinations in the country but like I said, there’s more to discover like the Yohoho Islands in Surigao del Norte or Glan in the Province of Sarangani which a lot of foreigners have learned to love.

So think twice before you decide to treat yourself to an Asian cruise, European tour or a sojourn of the Mediterranean. You don’t have to look far to be amazed.

*** thanks to hubby for this write up


Tony Hii said...

Hi, you have a nice blog.

Mj said...

Your hubby writes well. Reading this makes me want to go on a weekend trip to Palawan or Sarangani (never been there).

Got to save first!


CATHEE said...

@tony hii

thanks for the compliment :-)


i'll pass your comment on to my husband. i'm sure he'll appreciate it. you should try and visit Palawan and Sarangani, awesome places to explore. if you need help, i have a friend who packaged our Palawan trip so handsomely at a very affordable price too! just PM me. :-)