Sunday, February 05, 2006


Tomorrow, February 6, Daddy and Mommy will be celebrating their 34th Wedding Anniversary...

Wow! Time really flies fast! Wasn't it just yesterday when my siblings and I used to wake up very early on the 6th day of February to prepare breakfast, flowers, cards and what-have-you, just in time for our folks to wake up and be surprised?

I remember the time Daddy used Mom's lipstick to write "I love you, Mommy...Happy Anniversary!" on the bathroom mirror (much to my Mom's horror coz the lipstick was new)...ang sweet!

Their's wasn't a perfect marriage (whose is?) There were a whole lot of downs and times when we doubted they'd come this far...who ever thought? Despite all the trials, and other couple friends separating left and right, they remained together.

I don't believe it's the romance that kept them together...Being a married woman myself for almost 5 years now, I should know that romance (only) does not keep a marriage together. Romance and passion help keep a couple together but more than these, it is commitment and faith that really keep two people together.

And this is what I believe Mom and Dad have to last this long - a strong commitment and steadfast faith that, depite the odds, they will make it as one. They don't say much and they're not into PDA (public display of affection) but you can see and feel it when they're together. Sad to say, they'll be celebrating this anniversary apart from each other since Mom is in Vancouver with Tintin. It must be quite sad for them both because I know that they're really missing each other so much (my phone conversations with them does not end without either one mentioning how they miss the other).

I hope that by reading this post, the pain of being apart may be lessened...

Dad & Mom,

It's been 34 years...we've seen many other relationships fall apart - from our family and circle of friends...but here you are, still standing...

May the Lord bless you with countless more years of joy (to love life), pain (to appreciate life), loving (romance and passion included), fighting (all the more to enjoy the making up after) and just simple togetherness.

It was one heck of a roller coaster ride with you two and us three (Tin, Onin and myself)...but we'll never have it any other way.

You continue to inspire us in our respective marriages and relationships...we only pray that we get to have as many, if not more, years of wedded bliss as you have.

We love you! Happy Anniversary!!!

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