Saturday, July 05, 2008

Search for the Cutie Child

A camera is a must for families with children. I remember taking shots of my son the minute he was born - pictures featuring all angles and activities. I must've taken hundreds of digital images of him already. Same story happened when my daughter was born almost 4 years later. Photographs are wonderful ways to capture special moments in our lives.

Thanks to and, proud parents like me can now show off our children in their cutest and most adoring photo shots.

Vhiel of Vhiel's Corner has come up with a search for the Cutie Child on her website. Just submit the cutest photo of your child together with a short description and you can join in the online voting for the Cutie Child.

Prizes at stake are as follows:

First Place
$10.00 (pay through paypal)
Ad space on Can of Thoughts

Second Place:
$5.00 (pay through paypal)
Blog review to be posted at Vhiel's Corner

Top 5
Link on the main page of Vhiel's Corner

The search is ongoing until July 31st but the deadline for submission of entries is on July 19, so hurry Mommies and Daddies, show off your little ones!

Here are the entries of my two babies:Jarred Andrei

Caitlin Alyssa

To find out more about the search, visit Vhiel's post at Vhiel's Corner.

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