Monday, July 07, 2008

When I blog hop...

Since I've begun blogging back in 2005, there have been several blogs that warrant my attention almost on a daily basis. Yes, they're that good!

These blogs are a hodgepodge of my many interests: food, marriage, family, parenting, cooking/baking, home management, travel and blogging...

Take a peak at my e-neighborhood:

A Suburban Dream Home
Dessert Comes First
eBlog Templates
Fresh Mess
Market Manila
Mary's Madness
Pinoy Cook
Our Awesome Planet
Touched By An Angel
Wifely Steps

C'mon! Go bloghopping with me!


Mary J. said...

Added your link to my post! Thanks!

vhiel said...

thanks for trading links with my blog.. your's has been added both to Can of Thoughts and Vhiel's Corner.

Have a great week ahead.