Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sister Act

The movie schedule here in General Santos is relatively late compared to other major cities in the country, sometimes getting behind by more than 2 weeks. So after all reviews have been done on the movie, "In Her Shoes", here I am, fresh from just watching it 2 days ago.
It was supposed to be just a movie date with my hubby, not really expecting a "fantabulous" cinema experience. Just imagine my surprise when in most parts of the movie I couldn't stop the waterworks. My eyes were quite bloodshot when I went to the loo after watching the film.
There was a poignancy to the movie that really pinches at the heart. The fact that my only sister, Tintin, lives halfway around the world from me made it even more touching. Two sisters (played by Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette), different as night and day, one being the attractive but quirky and happy-go-lucky "dumb blonde", the other being the plain-looking, smart and successful lawyer, sharing only one thing in common - their shoe size.
It presented their individual weaknesses, fears and anxieties. Their brief estrangement from each other became the solution to their problems - with each one discovering her unique potential and worth. And in the end, realizing that no other person (not even the greatest guy you're about to marry) can replace a sister. It went beyond sisterhood by touching on family break ups, miscommunication and forgiveness --- things that hit very close to home for me.
Being a sucker for "tear jerker" type family movies, this one scores high for me. With Tintin's birthday coming up, "In Her Shoes" gave me the perfect idea for a birthday gift...

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